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Doorly’s Rum XO

Barbados Rum produced by Master Distiller Richard Seale at RL Seale. Doorlys XO Rum is chosen from fine old Rum and matured for a second time in Spanish Oloroso casks. A wonderful blend of fruit,vanilla and a hint sweetness . Delicious complex finish

El Dorado 12-Year-Old Rum

A blend of specially selected aged rums, the youngest being no less than 12 years old. Lush tropical fruit and spice nose with hints of honey and dark sugar. Round, mellow and full bodied palate with rich flavours of fruit and spice. The finish is delightful, elegant and dry.

El Dorado 15-year-Old Rum

A combination of specially selected aged rums, some as old as 25 years. El Dorado 15 Year Old is blended to perfection and aged in old bourbon oak casks. A full nose packed with dark coffee, candied orange, almonds, dark chocolate, pepper and rich vanilla. Beautifully rounded palate with grilled tropical fruit and smooth oaky spice. Silky, vibrant and moderately full-bodied.

El Dorado 5-year-Old Rum

This remarkably developed and complex medium-aged rum has a distinctive delicate taste and is aged for a minimum of 5 years in bourbon oak barrels. Lively with a dried tropical fruit nose and aromas of caramel, butterscotch and molasses. A vibrant spicy entry leads to an evolving palate of fruit, caramel and toasted coconut, fading to a vanilla-tinted glow.

Gin & Tonic Gift Set

This gift set includes 1 x XO Gin Glass, choice of 2 x 50ml gins, choice of 2 Franklin Tonics,

Ketel One Vodka

Ketel One Vodka is a premium vodka. Fresh citrus nose, silky soft on the tongue with a crisp, lively tingle to finish. Ketel One Vodka has a citrus, crisp & sophisticated taste best enjoyed in cocktails such as the Bloody Mary, the Martini, the Dutch Mule or even on the rocks.

Patron Anejo

Patron Anejo is a delicate blend of uniquely aged tequilas, all aged in small white oak barrels for a minimum

Patron Resosado

Patron Reposado is aged in oak barrels for over two months. It blends the fresh, clean taste of Patrón Silver

Patron Silver

Patron Silver tequila is the perfect ultra-premium white spirit. Using only the finest 100 percent Weber blue agave, it is

Sympinein Pink Gin

Pink gin made in the West Midlands, XO Lounge's own brand.

Sympinein Traditional Dry Gin

A traditional dry gin, produced in the West Midlands. XO Lounge's own brand.