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Our story so far…
Call it a midlife crisis or just another business venture that makes two brothers think they can open a wine bar, but the truth is we have always had a desire to move away from our 9-5 jobs and open a bar and not just any bar – one that offers something new, something different, something worthwhile.
Coffee, wine & spirits
We wanted XO Lounge to be a place where you can sample a  variety of fine wines by the glass any time of day (18 to be exact), a unique location with a high quality and extensive spirit and cocktail selection. A bar with high quality independent coffee, not forgetting good quality beer with some food and nibbles to match.
A new lease of life
We are extremely honoured to have had the opportunity to take on such a distinctive building in a prime location, we have spent a lot of time and money reviving the building and hopefully giving it a new lease of life, we feel this has enhanced the village replacing a derelict eyesore and really hope the local community are in agreement. We are very proud of the fact that we used local tradesmen to carry out the works, they have all done a great job and we have made some great friendships along the way.
Our Events
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Self serve Beer & Wine
We have created a real unique bar experience in Streetly, being the only bar in Birmingham and one of only a handful of bars in the country to combine self-serve beer and wine technology! Being small and independent we have total flexibility on where we choose to source our products from, where better than on our own door step, the UK have some of the finest food and drink producers in the world, why look elsewhere? Our attitude is if you can buy local then do it, this also helps with our environmentally conscious attitude and ensures a low carbon footprint with minimal packaging.
From our Visitors
Our final offering will be very diverse from Mojito’s, fine wines and spirits to some of our favourite small dishes from around the world, and most importantly service with a smile. Come join our friendly atmosphere, where you can enjoy some of the finest drinks on the planet, XO Lounge – Sympinein – Let’s drink together.
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